Scenes from the Nesting

Nesting is continuing apace. I’m back at work, but I get reports from my increasingly manic partner every day.

I also spent five long long hours on the weekend removing weeds from all the cement areas around our house. Whilst I appreciate all the cement reduces the amount of lawn I have to mow, they could at least have laid it without gaps. Gaps just wide enough for robust virulent weeds to thrive!

D, my partner, dropped everything in the middle of dinner the other night, fixed me with an intense stare and said “these kitchen cupboards are filthy! Then she scrubbed them cleaner than they’ve been since we moved in. They say nesting is a sign the baby is due… So when she squealed that the kitchen light switch needed cleaning and proceeded to scrub it… I assumed the contractions had started. But no. I do worry where this is going to go before the baby finally appears!

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