The Pregnant Lady who cried Woof

So, I as mentioned, we’ve hit 37 weeks.

My heavily pregnant partner has a habit of being quite enthusiastic about a lot of things, which means she often starts sentences excitedly with “Guess what!”. This is has been fine up to now, but in the last couple of days she’s done it a couple of times and I’ve immediately thought “Ah! She must be in labour!”. But no, it’s usually something else entirely – she bought a cool baby thing at the mall, or someone else has announced they’re pregnant. Or she had a really good nap, you know things of far less importance.

This nesting mode she’s in also means she liable to call me twice a day. Often breathlessly starting her calls with a burst of excitement.

So, I have made her swear that she’ll try and keep the excitement contained so that I, the daddy to be, doesn’t get all excited and starts loading bags into the car or running the bath or something!

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