Back to work, Monkey Boy

I was lucky enough to have three weeks of paternity and annual leave from the time when Pip was born. Which meant we had three weeks to establish patterns and get used to this whole being parents thing. Pip still hasn’t quite settled into a pattern yet, although he’s getting better – he has actually slept through the night a few times, and has taken to sleeping in four hour blocks. But I did get to spend three weeks with Pip and D, sleeping when he slept, holding him at 4AM when he needed it, getting burps out.

After three weeks off, I worked part time for a couple of weeks. Now I’m back on the full time treadmill. But because Pip was born only a few weeks into the new year, and with the addition of holidays and the like, I’ve only worked four five day weeks so far this year. This week will be the fifth, so I’m girding myself for it. I fully expect to lose my shit sometime around 11AM on Thursday!

Work has also changed for me, because now I’m working for Pip, I gotta pay the rent and keep him in nappies. Concentrates one’s mind a bit more.

Being a parent really does chew up one’s spare time, which in fact I full expected. Goes with the territory. Thankfully I’m enjoying it no end, watching my baby grow and pull faces.

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