Pip At Six Months

Has it really been six months? My goodness, it’s only been six months!


Pip at 1 day

Pip at 6 months

Pip at 6 months

Our “little” baby is already half a year old. He’s on track to be triple his birth weight soon, and is 15 centimetres longer than when he was born. And yet this is apparently typical of babies – he’s bang on the fiftieth percentile for growth and weight. There must be some really big babies out there if he’s average!

It amazes me because he plays on the floor in the exact spot where D was kneeling whilst in labour with him. He was inside just six months ago, now he’s a little person holding things with his hands, eating solid food and growing.

If you looked at two pictures of me taken six months apart, there’s be no difference. I’d probably be wearing the same tshirt, might have gotten some new glasses. But I haven’t done any actual growing since about 1990. Whereas Pip… Well, the pictures don’t do it justice, although you can see how his little face has filled out.

Here’s another shot:

Pip with his first outfit

Pip with his first outfit

He fitted into that outfit in his first few weeks.

I’m still amazed that he exists. Almost every day I exclaim “Look, we made a person!” to D, who has taken to just rolling her eyes when I do. We did make him, although it was D that did most of the work, there in her belly. And now we get to bring him up, which I’m looking forward to.

Songs I Sing to my Son

This is something of a follow up to my earlier post on the same subject.

Babies love to hear singing. Even if the singing is not that good. They love music too – we have a CD player in Pip’s room which is usually playing something decent. Currently it’s playing Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” album. Jazz from that era is great if a baby is trying to sleep. Hopefully all the music I play him will give him some musical taste, but I’ve also caught D playing him Kylie!

I’ve printed out lyrics for some of my favourite songs, picking those which have lots of words and a pleasant enough tune. My taste tends toward industrial music, dubstep, underground industrial hip-hop, rivethead and indeed 80’s American punk. Which makes finding songs to sing to Pip a challenge. It’s not so easy to sing Ministry songs for example, they have few words, they’re always weird and distorted, and Alien Jourgensen (yes that’s really his name) has a voice like a band saw. And… he tends to sing a lot about his heroin habit!

Choosing a song is complicated. As well as lots of words, it’s got to have some kind of tune that I can at least attempt to sing. The song “Pets” by Porno for Pyro sounded like fun, but when I went looking at the lyrics, there’s not really that many of them. Contrast that with “Grand Ol’ Party Crash” by Cage, which has a lot of lyrics delivered at a frenetic pace. Tried to sing that one, ran out of breath.

Thankfully Pip is too young to understand the content of the songs I sing him. I have found some which are to both our likings, such as “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Aeroplane, “Tomorrow Wendy” by Andy Prieboy and “Restin’ Bones” by Primus. Although… you notice all of these tracks are about drugs or death or both! I’ll have to learn some new stuff before he’s too old.

Now for an embarrassing confession. The only song I sing him that I know all the words to is… “Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple. I learned the whole song after I heard the story behind the track. Short version: the band was in Montreux in Switzerland, on the shore of lake Geneva, to record an album. During a Frank Zappa concert a fan set the main venue in the town, the casino, on fire – hence “smoke on the water”. This was also where they were trying to record their album, so they had to find another place to record. I’ve been to Montreux, so for some reason this song stuck!

It’s the best thing in the whole world when I can sing him to sleep. He has to be on his way there already, but still in need of some help to fall asleep. The other night I sang him to sleep in my arms, he had a cute half smile on his face, which made me feel like I was really succeeding at this daddy thing.

Here then are some of the songs I sing to him now:

(Yay an Australian track.)

(Yay another Australian track.)

My Sponsor Child turns Ten today



This is Jannatun, my tiny sponsor child in Bangladesh. Today is her tenth birthday. I’ve been sponsoring her since March of 2011, after reading a particularly sad story about young girls in developing nations. This picture of her, and the other photos I have, always make me sad. She has such a look in her eyes, which might just be because she’s not used to being photographed. It also makes me sad because she is just one of millions, nay, billions of sad little children in the world.

One of my cousin’s has a little girl who is almost the same age as Jannatun, almost to the day. She’s so full of life, she’s always jumping up and down with excitement about everything. I hope that at least sometimes Jannatun feels that way. At least I know that she’s going to school and is being looked after.

I have no idea how long a child sponsorship lasts, presumably until she’s eighteen. I can easily afford to support her for another eight years. Although I do worry that one day I’ll get a message saying she’s moved to a big city to work in a garment factory, or has been married off at to young an age. Or worse still, this being Bangladesh, that her whole village has been washed away…

I’ll show pictures of her to Pip when he’s a bit older. Just to remind the both of us that we live in paradise.