Quiet lately

Hey, it’s been a few days since my last post. Hasn’t been helped by the heatwave this city is experiencing. Sitting in front of a computer, or under a hot laptop, is not the best fun at the moment.

And… I started this blog thinking I could write down all my revelations about parenting, my insights into being a daddy and the like. The trouble is… I haven’t had any. As I’ve mentioned before, everything has been going very smoothly, and almost exactly as expected.

There must be revelations to be had for those who are first time parents, that I might reveal here. But there really can’t be many adults who haven’t been around children or people with children, long enough to glean some insight into what it’s all about. I myself baby-sat and changed many a nappy well before I became a dad. My little brother is fourteen years younger than me, so I was fiddling with safety pins and playing with Duplo when I was a teenager.

So the routine of changing nappies, burping a baby, giving him baths and so on, is just a routine. There are millions, nay, billions of parents out there who are doing these things every day. It’s not likely that there are many insights left to be had. It’s not like it’s any big secret. I have amused some of my childless friends with stories of epic shits and wee fountains, but these stories are entirely wasted on other parents. They’ve been there and done that and can usually top any gross story with an even grosser one.

I’m tired a great deal, although less so than D. Again, more or less as expected. I find I have less spare time than I used to – which isn’t helping me blog – but again this is also not a surprise. The house is often a mess, and we do lots of washing. We’ve had an endless stream of visitors. So far, so normal.

And I adore my son. Everybody who’s ever had a kid will tell you that, though, everybody who has a child knows the special intensity that comes from that kind of relationship. Stronger than you can imagine. Well, actually no, I pretty much expected to feel this way when D got pregnant, in fact I started to feel this way well before Pip was born.

Which leaves me with not a lot of material. A switch has been flipped in my life, from not being a daddy to being a daddy. And every parent on earth will already know what that feels like. I can’t even evangelise about it, the way some parents do. You want to have kids or you don’t, it’s your choice and I ain’t going to try and sway you one way or the other. Unlike, say, I might about politics. I’m liking being a parent, but I can see how some people might shy away from it their whole lives. Whatever, more pooey nappies for me.

So I will blog when the mood takes me, and when that mood coincides with actually having the time to do so.