Cats and Babies

I have a mad cat. Well, all cats are slightly mad, goes with being a cat. But whilst many cats are timid and retiring and wouldn’t harm their owners, Marvin my cat… Well, here’s some video evidence:

Here’s a cat for whom playing often means drawing blood. A cat who, rather than fearing dogs, would actively stalk them. He once chased a lost puppy down our street. Another doggy visitor was on the other side of a fly screen door…. Marvin tried to claw his way through it. He stayed with my cousin, cornered her in the kitchen, scratched both her children, and scared their dog so badly she shat on the floor! This is the cat that regarded any open door as an invitation to wander in like he owned the place. And, if you’re lucky, he’d also relieve you of your goldfish. A great mouser, but also a great killer of birds.

(Random aside: this video caused me to have a strange Twitter exchange with channel 9 news reader Peter Hitchener about how awesome cats are!)

Marvin is 5.5 kilos of angry muscular cat, who liked to stalk my partner in the back garden, sometimes leaping into the air and attacking her at thigh level. But he is also devoted to me to the point of obsession. He loved to curl up with anything with my smell – my clothes, by bag – and sleep on it.

I acquired Marvin in late 2007 as an adult cat. His previous owner is a friend of mine, who had moved into an apartment and couldn’t have a cat. She in turn got him from the guy who acquired him from the RSPCA as a kitten – when by all reports he was completely mad all the time.

We lived together as bachelor and bachelor cat before we eventually both moved in with D.

You can probably see where this is going. Marvin doesn’t like kids. We’re having a kid soon. Something was going to have to give. We put out the call… can anyone take an FIV positive cat who can’t be around children, dogs or other cats? I began to have bad feelings about how this might turn out.

And then we had a huge stroke of luck. His previous owner had decided to move house, in part so she could have a cat again. Here was the perfect solution – An owner Marvin already knows, and who more importantly is familiar with Marvin’s quirks, who was looking for a cat!

So we packed up all his stuff into our car.

Cat stuff

A car full of Cat stuff!

(Yes, we spoiled him, that’s a Catnip bush, there’s also a cat water fountain in there.)

And we rendered him to his new home.

I miss him. He’s completely psycho, but it’s nice to come home to a small mammal who is completely devoted to you. Mind you, I’ll have another small mammal devoted to me around the house soon… Hopefully little Pip doesn’t also chase mice…!

And… He’s happy. Hooray. I’m so pleased this worked out for him, I hate to think what we would have had to do if no home had been forthcoming.

Marvin at his new home

Marvin at his new home