Why Pippy Quark?

Why is this blog called Pippy Quark?

Many expectant parents have a place-holder name for their child, before knowing it’s gender or much about it. I’ve heard “Peanut” and “Bean” used, or even actual names combined such as “Wayne-Jane”.

So, we decided on Pippy Quark. It started out as Strange Quark, when we had just found out about the pregnancy. Strange Quark, because they are small and hard to detect, just like our child at that point who was barely a small set of cells. However, someone pointed out that Quarks usually come in pairs, which my partner decided did not bode well – we wanted just one baby at a time thank you!

As it happened, a few weeks later our little baby was the size of an orange pip (this comparison being from one of the many books and iPhone apps that let one track a pregnancy), so the name morphed to Pippy Quark.

We’ve picked a good sensible name for our child, however I have a strong feeling that he’ll end up being called “Pip” as a nick-name so often he won’t even know his real name 🙂

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